need more inspiration?

There are many online resources you can use to get prompts for your journaling. You can also use word stems from your favorite poems, songs, etc. These prompts should not restrict, restrain or confine your creativity. They’re simply supposed to give you a foundation of ideas and inspirations. Run loose with it. Don’t overthink it. You really don’t even have to use prompts if you don’t want to, but just in case you do, I want to give you the resources for that option.


Here are some links to some daily journaling prompts for November (you can also look on some of these sites to find them for every month):

Word stems are some of my favorite prompts. You choose a repetitive few words, most of the time in the beginning of a line, and use it to write every line. This way you can easily create a poem, but you could also use it for your journal. Some to choose from could be “I am,” “You are,” “We should,” “I wish,” “I see,” “Time is,” etc. and instead of trying to write a poem by repeating the stems, you could just create a page in response to the stems.



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